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Norwegian Airfilters Inc


Norwegian Airfilters Inc is a part of a Scandinavian corporation based in Telemark county, Norway. The Scandinavian part of the company has sold Airfilters in Europe for over 10 years. We have our own productionline and we manufacture  filters ourselves.

The  area  which we are located in is well known for its Telemark canal, which is a great nature experience with lakes at different levels. Here one finds traditional lock systems built in 1854, which carry ships from one water level to another. This was an absolute necessity for timber floating, which was a large part of local industry in the area at the time.

Today, this is the area’s top tourist attraction, and is frequented by tourists worldwide. In the same area, you will also find some of the most famous winter vacation destinations for snowboarding and skiing.

Norwegian Airfilters is developed in Norway, which has some of the world’s strictest requirements for air filters.

We specialize in the production of all types of air filters. And with DHL as a collaborative partner on express shipping, we deliver at equally competitive prices as in USA directly from Norway

Choose an air filter that gives you healthy air – choose Norwegian Airfilters.